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Cross azure cloud regions support for multi tenant app

I have some questions related to multi-tenant azure applications and thier usage in different cloud regions, for which I couldnt find answers on any of ms docs.

  1. Can a multi-tenant app registered in azure tenant of global/default cloud region be used on a tenant that is of another cloud region like GCC high or GCC?

  2. If answer to 1 is no, then what does MS suggest for devs who wants to add support of all cloud regions, is it to have a tenant subscription of each of the regions or is there an alternative way?

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As of 2018 this was not supported, but I know the product team was adding new features so I'm not sure whether that has changed. I have reached out to the feature owners and will get back to you with that info as soon as I have it.

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Thanks for response. I will wait for the update.

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Just checking, if there is any update.

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