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How to get information about parameters of the onnx model in Windows.AI.MachineLearning?

I tried to view information about the parameters of the model using like this:

                var stream= await StorageFile.GetFileFromApplicationUriAsync(new Uri("ms-appx:///Assets/eye.onnx"));
                model = await LearningModel.LoadFromStreamAsync(stream);
                var ct=model.Metadata.Count();

The returned value of "ct" is 0, but the model can run normally!I changed my code like this:

            int ct = 0;
            foreach (var i in model.Metadata)
            { ct ++; }

The "ct" is still 0,why?

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Will this behavior happen when you are using a different onnx model?

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It will still happen!

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I‘ll consult other engineers about this issue. There might be some time delay.

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Sorry for the delay. Based on the response I got, currently, Microsoft Q&A doesn't support questions about Microsoft Machine Learning. If you want to ask or answer technical questions about Windows ML, please use the windows-machine-learning tag on Stack Overflow.

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