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Group Call. Do Not Display Name Remote Participant

When a participant joins a group call, the value of the displayName field always has the name of the first person who created the group, there is some way to have the displayName updated. We are handling this in the remoteParticipantsUpdated event

Thank you

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@DiksonCalderon-2078 We apologize for the frustration that you've encountered with this scenario. This certainly does not seem like an expected behavior.

We would like to raise your scenario up with the correct internal team but first we need to know if you are using the calling SDK or the calling library? This will help our internal discussion.

We look forward to your reply.

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Currently, I am using the calling SDK.

Thank you

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My apologies but it didn't cross my mind to ask what calling SDK you are using? Is it the Web calling SDK, or iOS, Android, Windows calling SDK?

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I'm having trouble with this as well, when a user joins a group call the value of the displayName field is undefined for me. I set the value of the displayName in the CallAgent, but it seems to get lost. I'm not handling the remoteParticipantsUpdated event yet, so I'll see what that does. I'm using version 1.1.0 of the SDK.

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Found out I needed to subscribe to the display name changed event.

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Congratulations, can you share the code? I would appreciate

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