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Synapse data flow Sink to delta table - vacuum not working as expected

Hi everyone,

we are writing to a delta table in a synapse data flow using an inline dataset with the following settings:


With overwrite set as table action we added a new snapshot to the target table every day making a full load.

We left the default vacuum value of 0 which means 30 day.

The day after every run the files from the previous load are marked for remove in the logs:


However, after a month files are not getting removed from the table location.

I analyzed which files should be removed using a dry run:


There are around 4000 files to be deleted.

If I execute a vacuum in a notebook then the files are removed.

I would like to know why the vacuum from the data flow is not removing the data exceeding the threshold, am I missing something or is this a bug?

Any information will be appreciated.

Best regards,

Paul Hernandez

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Hello @PaulHernandez-8067,

Thanks for brining this to our attention.

We are reaching out to the internal team to get more details on this behaviour. I will be update you once I hear back from the team.

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Hello @PaulHernandez-8067,

We are still awaiting for the response from the internal team. I will be update you once I hear back from the team.

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Hello @PaulHernandez-8067,

We haven't got any response from the internal team. For a deeper investigation and immediate assistance on this issue, if you have a support plan you may file a support ticket, else please do let us know.

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