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WSIM - imagecat.exe -System Error

If I try to open a captured WIM file using WSIM I get an imagecat.exe - System Error:

The program can't start because ext-ms-win-security-slc-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Anyone have any ideas? I have tried searching for this file on numerous machines and on google and I can't find it anywhere. Just trying to create a catalog on the image file so I can edit the Unattend.xml file through MDT but the process keeps failing.

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Also to be noted..

I tried to revert to ADK Windows 10 version 2004 (which supports 21H1) as opposed to the to Windows 11 Version.

Each time I look at the WSIM log file it shows the same "minor" error:

With ADK Windows 10 2004, according to Add/Remove Programs, I have the ADK and the ADKPE versions of 10.1.19041.1 but the error message says I need ADK version 10.0.19041.1 to solve the issue.

With ADK Windows 11, according to Add/Remove Programs, I had ADK and the ADKPE version of 10.1.2200.1 but the error message says I need version 10.0.22000.1 to solve the issue.

I can't find 10.0xxxxx.x anything online, only the 10.1.xxxxx.x versions.

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I have run into this issue with 21H1 when pointing the tool at the install.wim from the 21H1 ISO. I used the Windows System Image Manager to work around the continual defects in the MDT/ADK products going back to Win10 v1903 and its ADK. It's as if no one at Microsoft actually uses the MDT application so can someone at Microsoft tell us how they REALLY deploy Win10 because there is no way you are using MDT.

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Did the 1903 ADK solve the 21H1 issues? Because I'll revert back right now if that's the case..

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Hi, @TimRadigan-8903
Thank you for posting in Microsoft Q&A forum.

Can we open a base Windows image using WSIM?
If so, we can create a catalog from the base Windows image on the install ISO, rather than your custom WIM. The catalog should be the same unless you're doing some seriously crazy customization.

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It seems there is no update for a couple of days. May we know the current status of the problem? Is there any other assistance we can provide?

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I was able to re-associate the WIM with the base ISO catalog.

Sorry, was on vacation for a week so I'm responding today.

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