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Azure AD SSO: Allow to get bootstrap token without granting admin consent

I am using SSO with Azure AD v2 for Office365 Addin. I registered an azure app using by following register-sso-add-in-aad-v2.

I was able to get bootstrap token using OfficeRuntime.auth.getAccessToken() without consenting.

I was unable to get bootstrap token, when I tried to use I got following error which is expected according to the documentation (Outlook-Add-in-SSO).

 code: 13005
 message: "Missing grant for this add-in."
 name: "Preauthorization missing."

I need to understand these two behaviors.

I have added following permissions to azure app.

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@PiyumiPerera-0571 • Can you share the authentication request URL i.e., starting with for both account1 and account2, hiding your confidential information. You can capture that using Fiddler tool. I suspect that the token acquisition call by the account2 includes scopes which requires admin consent.

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