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OneNote API calls fail with a large number of items in a SharePoint document library

Hi there, I am getting the below response when I tried to fetch the Notebooks with offset queries

Note : Notebooks synced crossed 5k files & we are about to sync 23k files

When the totals notebooks count below 5k it worked well but now it's throwing below error - Please help me on this - How to resolve this

One or more of the document libraries on the user or group’s OneDrive contains more than 5,000 OneNote items (notebooks, sections, section groups) and cannot be queried using the API. Please make sure that none of the user or group’s document libraries contains more than 5,000 OneNote items. Browse to this page for more information:

I am stuck with this words (5,000 OneNote items (notebooks, sections, section groups)) from the response - It shouldn't include BY SECTIONS wise also?
in a folder...

I have created folders (subfolders) have not more than 5k files in each main folder based on this first comment ( but no use

My Onedrive have the notebook files not in sharepoint - I don't have any files in sharepoint

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i have the same problem and my system admin at work won't help me because i'm not using a recommended workflow.
I sync a lot of my onenote files from my rocketbook to my onenote page and now it doesn't work anymore. What else can i do?

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