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anyone had issues yesterday with Teams Call Subscription getting old hits and callRecords

We subscribed to teams subscription using:
This works fine. We actually do a patch to this subscription so it does not expire. Just change the expiration date. All good here. We have been doing this for some time without issues.
The odd thing is that yesterday we started getting calls to our subscribed method from teams calls that were repeated and some I even think are not ours. I think. For example we have a meeting that has 166 people and all are external users.... we have never had a meeting of this magnitude. I was not able to find in the team admin web page where I can find a team ID call to validate.
For every call we receive from the subscription we call the "", this works fine and returns the details of the call. Curiously yesterday we started also getting the response "404", call not found. Even more odd as we are receiving the call from the how can it not exist? Then we saw were where getting multiple call from the same meeting...repeated....repeated....

Did something happen yesterday? Did anyone see this behavior?

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APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. I would suggest you to use v1.0 instead of using beta APIs and let us know if you are facing the same with v1.0.

Here is the reference of v1.0 subscription - link and callRecords - link

I am looking internally for the issue you are facing with beta but you should use v1.0 as it is more reliable.

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I'll change to V1 but I think I had made the change before with no results...still will chnage it back to 1 and wait 24 hours to see the results....

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I just ran the Patch for the subscription to update expiration date and got this result

"@odata.context": "$metadata#subscriptions/$entity",
"id": "e79379e7-eeca-425c-8019-a97693f4db72",
"resource": "communications/callRecords",
"applicationId": "xxxxxxx",
"changeType": "created",
"clientState": "secretClientValue",
"notificationUrl": "xxxxxxx",
"notificationQueryOptions": null,
"lifecycleNotificationUrl": null,
"expirationDateTime": "2021-09-10T16:47:59.0547852Z",
"creatorId": "xxxxxxx",
"includeResourceData": null,
"latestSupportedTlsVersion": "v1_2",
"encryptionCertificate": null,
"encryptionCertificateId": null,
"notificationUrlAppId": null

the only thing I see is that it always says created in the change type. I called the update (patch) like this:[mysubscriptionID]

Actually what we do is call this patch everyday at night so we always keep the expiration date active.

Maybe this reproduce so many calls.... actually we have the call being received (url in subscription) in power automate flow and it is receiving so many calls that we are getting the warning that the Flow will be turned off.


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Hi, after the change to non beta version of API I still have the same odd is odd... for example I get the call to our subscribed url for call XXX at 8am with all the call info, we save this in SQL with the Team Call unique ID and the participant ID. This helps us keep only one record without duplicates. Then later...during the day we get the call again...same team id and same participant id.... and this happens all day long... what we are expecting is that when the team meeting finishes, we just get called once to our subscribed url with all the team call information. But this is not the case...

Are you guys seeing the same?

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Hi @HunaidHanfee-MSFT ,

Has anyone reported anything similar.... Our Power Automate Flow says it will be turned off because of so many calls. We don't know what else to do.
Any insights are welcomed.

Kind Regards

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We didn't receive anything similar.

I am still looking internally for possible reason causing the issue and way to solve this issue. I will update once get know about anything.

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Is call Id coming to you is different always?

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Hello @21998096,
I tried myself and I was able to repro the issue. We have raised a bug and concerned team is looking into it. Bug is internal doesn't have public accessible URL, I will let you know the updates.

Hunaid Hanfee

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