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WCF with net tcp biinding

I am using net tcp binding for client and server communication. All clients coonect with server using VPN. Now my probem is till 20 clients its working fine. but above 20 client connect with server then it is not responding properly. proxy getting closed from client side. So i could not get any response cleint to server in some interval. Is there any specfid configuration for VPN configuration need to do in server side to support more clients.
It is a windows server 2016. Its default VPN provided by microsoft. Is there any limitation for connect device over VPN?. Any configuration we have to do othere than IP pooling?. Based one device connect will it consume server load?. Any slow things will make because of more number of device connect through VPN?

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Hi @KathirVelu-9302 ,
In general, the number of clients that can connect to the server is set by the server, and has little to do with VPN. You can check the server Settings.

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Thanks for your reply. Could please gve some clue, whee i have to check in server?. Its a bult-in windows VPN so where need to set it?

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