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Capture SQL Agent Failed Jobs via Azure Log analytics

My SQL Server 2017 is on Azure VM (IaaS option). This has SQL Agent running.

Now i want to monitor the SQL Agent Jobs which are failed in the last 10 mins.

My Azure VM is connected to the Log analytics and in Azure Log analytics , we have the option in Performance counters to check the list of SQL Agent jobs , which has failed via the below counter
**SQLAgent:Jobs()\Failed jobs .. Does this performance counter only apply to Azure SQL PaaS options like Azure Managed Instance or does it apply to SQL Server on Azure VM ? Basically i want to capture failed agent jobs on Azure VM having SQL.Server. So can i use this performance counter ??*


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@MSTechie-7364 - Apologies for delay in getting to this thread, will review your scenario and get back to you to share learnings.

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