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Azure Monitor's included free units "10 monitored metric time-series per month" doesn't show on the pricing calculator. Are they still included?

Hello experts,

When viewing Azure Monitor using the Azure Pricing Calculator,
the ""the 10 “Free units included” 10 monitored metric time-series per month" mentioned in the pricing page:

doesn't seem to show anywhere in the Azure Pricing Calculator.

It seems you are charged from the very first metric monitored.

Are these free units still included? Where can I confirm this?

Also, under “Metric Signals Monitored” when trying to set VMs Monitored to a value more than 100,000, it will snap back down to 100,000. Is there a technical limitation in Azure Monitor that caps the VMs that can be monitored to no more than 100,000?

Thank you so much for your time and expertise,

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@PeterThurwachterMINDTREELIMITED-2688 Apologies for delay in getting to this thread, we will review and get back to you at the earliest.

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Thank you @bharathn-msft
looking forward to any update

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