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Found some native Libraries in Android Application are not secured.

Hi Team,

During Testing, we found that some native libraries in Xamarin Android are not secured by applying some additional security mechanisms. We have found the issues as attached in the screenshot. Could you please let me know how can we proceed inorder to resolve this issue.

PFA screenshot for your understanding. Thanks in advance.

Rambabu. Y

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Hi, RambabuYelubandi-5765. Security checks like are prone to false positives. They just check if there are APIs that might be used in an unsafe way. If you're still concern about these APIs' security, you could open an issue in the github thread:
Or open a support ticket at:

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Hi JarvanZhang, Thanks for the response. Could you please let me know if I need to purchase a support plan to raise a new support ticket in the second link which you had provided.

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Yes, support tickets require payment fees. The github topic is free.

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