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SharePoint 2013 Popularity Trend Empty for one site collection

One site collection shows ZERO data from last 6 months after running Popularity Trends report. Earlier it used to show the data. Also, we can see this report working fine for other site collections. Only 1 site collection is having this empty data issue which is weird.
The search is crawling the site, WSS_Usage service application is also running, Reporting feature is also active. What could I check other than these?

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Hello @shashank-2951 ,

Please perform the following troubleshooting

1.Please make sure this site collection is added to content source & crawled successfully.


2.Make sure Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing timers jobs are running.


3.Check the SharePoint ULS Logs to check proper logs files are being generated.

  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS


4.If the SarePoint Server says Upgrade Available. Please make sure you install the latest CU and run PSConfig Wizard in all the SharePoint Servers.

Echo Du
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All these checks are done and it looks fine. Also please note that popularity trends is running fine for all the site collections. It is only one site collection which is showing ZERO values. And all the above checks are farm level. I believe if there was any issue with any of these then the issue should have happened to all the sites and not just one site collection

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Hi @shashank-2951 ,

Thanks for your reply.

According to my research, the Popularity Trends report is an Excel report that shows daily and monthly hits and unique users per usage event type. The report shows the daily count for the last 14 days and the monthly count for the last three years.

Please check the following points:

1.Does the site collection a recently created one?

2.Has the site collection been accessed orused in the past 14 days?

3.Whether the site collection is search crawled?

For example: I created a Crawl Rule so that the site collection will not be crawled when performing a search crawl.



Echo Du

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Hi @EchoDu-MSFT This site was created many years ago and is being accessed extensively as well as being crawled regularly. Also as mentioned in my first comment, we were getting regular report till around 6 months back. Not sure what happened suddenly

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Hi @shashank-2951 ,

This is indeed a very strange phenomenon

Please navigation to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS\RequestUsage.

In the logging folder, we need to find a folder called RequestUsage. In this folder, if healthy and working correctly, we will see a .tmp file and periodically a .usage* file being generated. If there is no file being created in here then the site is not listening for page requests.*


We suggest you take the following measures:

1.Install the latest CU package

2.Delete the Health and usage service application in Central Admin. Then re-enable it by going to Monitoring >> Configure usage and Health Data Collection and then checking the Enable usage data collection and Enable health data collection check boxes and validating the other information.


Echo Du

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CU we are updating regularly. It says 'No Action Required'
Regarding Deleting the service application, I am not very comfortable because it is a production environment and all other sites are showing regular popularity reports.
For the logs, Please see below

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