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Azure Batch job creation with ADF pipeline while debug the python script in command line facing issue

Operation on target ForEach1 failed: Activity failed because an inner activity failed

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{"errorCategory":0,"code":"CommandProgramNotFound","message":"The specified command program is not found","details":[{"Name":"Message","Value":"The system cannot find the file specified."}]}

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Hi @shwetakumari-0407 ,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Platform. Thank you for posting query here.

It will be hard without know which activity exactly throwing this error and all configuration details of that activity to repro and come to conclusion.

Still, by seeing error message it seems some where system is trying to look for a file but unfortunately its not able find it.

Could you please share details of activity throwing error along with configurations of that activity? Detailed steps you followed from starting to the error will help us better to repro scenario and debug for resolution.

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Hello @shwetakumari-0407 ,
Adding to what @ShaikMaheer-MSFT said , you should have more detail message on the blob . Please have a look on the below thread .


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Thanks for your response Himanshu

Actually, I am trying to run a batch job through the ADF batch services but when i am run with python script its stay running Also I am flowing these documents

as it is menstion


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Hello @shwetakumari-0407 ,

Looks intermittent issue. Did you tried to cancel execution and retry? If issue still exists?

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Hello @shwetakumari-0407 ,

Did you get chance to try above commented and share updates?

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