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I have an appservice plan, it contains 4-5 appservices. In the last 1-2 months the appservice plan restart for no particular reason, so obviously the appservices have restarted. What could cause this?

  • The appservice plan type is P1v2.

  • It runs in the Western European region.

App services are nodejs services that run in containers.

There is nothing suspicious in the metrics and log files.
It does not use half of the computing resources, but the memory usage is low.
The cpu usage jumps when the app service plan is restarted, so all app services. But this is obvious.

I've been running this service for a long time, but these problems have only just appeared. It hasn't been a release for a long time either, so it can't be that a new feature is causing the error, and the logs are fine.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Is Always On still enabled @NorbertCsernok-9661?

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Does it occur when there any CI/CD deployments? Is the app service plan Windows or Linux? Under Diagnose and solve problems blade, under Web Restarted, you don't see any messages for any of the app services that restarted?

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