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Intune - App Versions

We have apps that auto install to devices when they are added to certain groups in AAD.

If the app version gets updated and installed on a device before the updated version is setup in Intune, Intune will re-install the version it has over top of the updated version.

With a lot of apps setup in Intune, its near impossible to make sure each one is on the current version at all times. Is there a way to have Intune only install apps one time and not try to install again or is there a way to tell Intune if you see a newer version of an app, dont install the version setup?

Thanks, much appreciated....this is becoming a big headache.

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Can I know what type of app have you installed? In general, different type of apps have different behavior during the update process. Only Apps written in-house (line-of-business) can set manually update, other types of apps are automatically update.

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