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Implementing SSO in Xamarin Forms App


I am trying to implement SSO feature in my app (Xamarin.Forms App - both of ios and android). Login flow is: when user opens login page, she/he will see a button as login with sso. And if user chooses this button, app will open a webview for sso and when sso authentication is completed (it works mdm solution such as airwatch etc.), returns a SAML token.
My problem is how can I implement this, how can I capture saml token from webview? Actually there is a way for this in xamarin because of I see a video in xamarin evolve conferance:

When AuthTpye was set as "SAML" (in video 15:51 second) and when open the app login with airwatch sso on webview (in video 16:45-17:14 seconds), user can login with sso. But I only could find this video. I couldn't find any other source for this implementation.

Furthermore I saw some stackoverflow question for this, and their answers say use Xamarin.Auth nuget package. But Xamarin.Auth uses oauth2.0 protocol. I need use saml protocol for sso.

How can I do? If someone help me, I would so appricated.
Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for reply @WenyanZhang-MSFT. I will try it as soon as possible.

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You are welcom.

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