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Urging Microsoft to Immediately Permanently Delete all Unauthorised(FRAUD) Office 365 Accounts/Tenants

I urge Microsoft to Immediately take action to permanently delete all Unauthorized/Fraud Office 365 accounts/tenants.

This is to protect our end user data privacy and to prevent any unfruitful events to occur!

Why is Microsoft taking their sweet time in solving something that is so important? Ridiculous

Microsoft should just delete those unauthorized/Fraud accounts instead of opening up to let users to download the data, as some users can't login to their account.

Another suggestion is for Microsoft to allow users to fill in a form on those who wish to Immediately delete their unauthorized/fraud account.

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If the issue is urgent to your business, it is recommended that you open a service request with Microsoft.


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Thanks. However, the admin of my fraud tenant has no longer access to Azure as they have been blocked by Microsoft.

So, what should I do?

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You may refer to the following resource to contact privacy team.

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Unfortunately, I can't contact any support/privacy team as my account is considered as an education/business account and only the admin can help.

However, the admin is not helping.

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