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Need C++/WinRT resource

I have struggled to find good examples for C++/WinRT code. Anyone know of a good website or book that is available? Please don't say MSDN. While there is some examples of C++/WinRT, the vast majority is in the C# variety. While that can provide some answers, my ability to translate from C# to C++ is not that great. I am not an expert in either. Thanks.

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There is a series of documents that you could refer to about C++/WinRT. You could find code sample here and UWP official code sample also contains C++/WinRT project type.

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Thanks for the info. I find that in the Windows Universal Samples that the link you gave is a part of contains mainly C# and C++/CX code. I have used those example solutions a lot. I will also spend some time looking at the code you referred me to. Any books written for C++/WinRT that you know of? I can only find ones for C# and I need C++. Thanks for you help.

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sorry guys, it's not good practice to ask books or tools in Q&A forum, Currently, Microsoft Q&A supports the products listed over here: supported topics (more to be added later on).

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