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Azure Synapse Data Factory REST Connector issues within Data Flows

We're trying to use the REST connector as a Source within a Data Flow which is supposedly supported based on this Announcement. However, when we attempt to Import the Schema for the endpoint, the process never completes; just seeing a loading indicator for an indefinite amount of time until the Debug Session eventually times out. The same endpoint works just fine when using it from an HTTP Connector. Is this a known issue?

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Hi @robrichardson-9222,

Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!
I have tried using REST source for a public REST API from here and I could see projection coming fine in DataFlow.
Even Data Preview shows data correctly.

Is REST API internal to you ? Also, what is the format (JSON or XML) your API is returning? Have you tried changing the format under Source Options

Also, could you provide a sample data ?


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Hi @RobRichardson-9222,

Following up to know if you are still having issues.


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Thanks for your reply. This is a public API we maintain. It is protected with Basic Authentication & the format is JSON. This same API works just fine when using the HTTP Connector. This API also works fine when using the REST connector from a Copy Data Activity - I can succesfully import the schema and copy all data to a JSON file in Storage easily. The problem only arises when we attempt to use the REST connector as a Data Flow Source.

Also, we tried the public REST API that you mentioned above from within a Data Flow and it worked fine so I'm not sure what's going on - perhaps the issue is related to Basic Authentication? Regardless, the problem appears to be isolated to when the REST connector is used as a Source within a Data Flow.

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@robrichardson-9222 It may be an authentication issue. Can you please try running your dataflow and provide me the runId so that I can try checking in backend for issues.


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