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Using Win2D Samples Gallery code fails

Running Win10 with VS2019CE using a Win2D example particles
public class Particle // Taken from Particle.cs
This line of code
this.Rotation = Utils.RandomBetween(0, (float)Math.PI * 2);
causes a CS0103 error
The name 'identifier' (i.e. Utils) does not exist in the current context.
What should I do ?
VS2019 a Project Solution code for Win2D Gallery Particle System would be most helpful

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Please check if your project contain this Utils.

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I added the utils.cs file to my project. but the build Fails.
Do you have a VS2019 Project / Solution code folder for the Win2D Gallery Particle System ?
IIf so, could you please send it ?

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Having no luck!
So, does anyone have a Project/Solution folder that replicates the Microsoft Win2D Gallery Particle System SmokePlume .
It would be a C# Code Project to be run on Windows 10.

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