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Visual Studio 2019 error message "Package did not load correctly"

I added ReSharper in Visual Studio 2019 & 2017 after showing that it was completed successfully and working for a short while after, "Package did not load correctly" error messages appeared in VS.


I repaired Visual Studio 2019 from the installer and also deleted %localappdata%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\16_xxxx\ComponentModelCache, neither of these resolved the issue.

I have attached the ActivityLog.xml , please could you help investigate this?


[2]: /answers/storage/attachments/131038-image.png

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As tag "office-visio-itpro“ focus more on general issues of Viso client, but "ReSharper" is a third-party add-in, which is not supported on Q&A forum, I would modify the tag.
Thanks for your understanding.

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