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IE display $US for Canadian dollar amount when translated to certain languages (French, Spanish etc) but display fine with others.

If our website pages specifically the invoice pages are translated to certain languages(French, Spanish) it display a weird $US sign before/after the amount. it wont happen in other browsers (Google chrome is fine), also with other languages its fine and display only $ sign.

is this a known bug??

(added few screens when it happen and when it won't happen.


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Hi @GurpreetSingh-1387 , Based on your description, I would like to know whether this is a translation function in the website you developed. If this is the case, is the content of the translated text correct? Is there an error message in the developer tools?

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its the IE edge translation tool that i am using. same tool i use with Chrome or firefox is fine.

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Hi @GurpreetSingh-1387 , You mentioned the extension in IE, right? If this is the case, which one are you currently using? If you can provide steps to reproduce the issue, it will be helpful to solve this issue.

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