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A couple of questions about fslogix

Hi, I have set up Azure Virtual Desktop and I am testing before rolling out to users. We are using Azure AD DS.

I want to use FSlogix to enable roaming profiles and remote storage for user documents and outlook files. I followed the instructions here:

All went OK until the assign users step where it says "Run Windows PowerShell as an administrator, then run the following cmdlet to sign in to Azure Virtual Desktop with PowerShell:". The given PowerShell cmdlet Add-RdsAccount -DeploymentUrl $brokerurl fails. I had a look and it seems this may only apply to the classic WVD and not AVD with ARM? I hunted for more information about the TenantCreator role and cannot see how to apply in our setup.

Nevertheless fslogix is installed on our session host. However I discovered it was not configured for a user logging in because the user does not appear in the local users and groups. I manually added the user to the FSlogix include group and deleted the local profile, now an FSLogix profile is created. But that does not seem the right way to do this?

What steps can I take so that users automatically get FSLogix profiles and what are the consequences of not being able to follow the steps for "Assign users to the session host"?

I can quite easily add the group I am using for AVD users to the local user group manually if that is the right approach but want to observe best practice.

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Firstly, apologies for the delay in responding here and any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

I went through the instructions and checked with internal team on this. There is issue with the documented instructions here. I have shared the Feedback on the document being pointing to old instructions (so it gave error when you followed the document) to update the document. Team is working on fixing this error in the document.

For now requesting to use the azure portal to create a host pool and assign users.
Instructions on how to configure the profile container can be found here.
This article describes the configuration of Azure Files with Azure AD DS.

Hope this helps.

Please 'Accept as answer' if the provided information is helpful, so that it can help others in the community looking for help on similar topics.

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Thanks. There is actually nothing on the page you reference about assigning users to a host pool. You can assign users to a DAG, is that what you mean?


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Just in case anyone else is interested in this, in the new-style AVD the SessionDesktop is treated as just another application in the DAG so when you assign a user to the DAG and to the SessionDesktop application they gain the ability to log onto the host pool.


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