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formula / script to display user name and or email excel online 365

I'm looking to share a sheet in Excel Online within my organization that uses a call formula (or script) to get the user name of the person viewing the sheet. I had hoped it was as simple as typing in a cell something like "=User().email", but I understand there does not seem to be such a formula.

So I've been poking around the guidance around scripts, but don't have enough of a programming background to get the syntax.

Is there a way to get the user name and / or email for the person that's logged into sharepoint / office 365, and viewing the sheet (the sharing on the sheet is limited to people within my organization) via a formula in the sheet?

The punchline would be that if I'm Bob Smith, logged in and viewing the shared sheet, the data shown based on a filter formula that includes this user name formula, I'm only seeing the Bob Smith-pertinent data.

Thanks in advance for any help / ideas!

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