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Publisher Verification: Can Domain mis-match error be overridden?

Publisher Verification: Is there any other alternative where domain matching (in partner center and app publisher domain in azure) requirement can be overridden after proper vetting?

We are going through following URL: and are running into domain mismatch error: "The domain used to perform email verification in Partner Center does not match the applications Publisher domain on the tenant." This is because our company email domain is different than our apps publisher’s domain.

Unfortunately, we are stuck for past couple of weeks as we are not able to validate email domain in these tenants as they are tied to our primary enterprise tenant.

While reading through the Microsoft troubleshooting-publisher-verification steps, custom domain was the only alternative but that is already linked to our enterprise tenant and therefore not a possibility.

So question is, can domain mis-match error be overridden with proper vetting?

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