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Slycer with Cube formulas

A dynamic table was inserted from power pivot and added a slicer to see 3 types of reports. It works fine, but I have to correct one of the reports. The only way is to convert it into a formula using OLAP tools. Converting DT into formulas, It is not possible to obtain the other reports by selecting through the other slicer buttons. I have tried in several ways, so far it has not been possible to view the other reports, why? Can somebody help me about this situation?

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This question appears to be about Excel, not SSAS. Anyway, it needs some screenshots for demonstration. I connected a single slicer to several pivot tables, and after converting one of them to cube formulas, the slicer still affected them all.

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Hi @OrlandoYaguas-8681, welcome to Microsoft Q&A! Are you create Multidimensional Model or Tabular Model to analysis data in SSAS? If yes, could you please provide the error message?

Or you just using power pivot in Excel? If yes, kindly suggest that please add correct tags for your question that can let you get better help. You can find all products that supported on Q&A forum from this link.

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