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Windows 10 Mail App and MFA

My work has Office365 email (not sure if that's the same as exchange or not) and we recently instituted MFA. I have been using Microsoft Outlook and the Windows 10 Mail app to access this account. Both continued to work fine after the MFA was setup. But I just got a new laptop and on this machine I cannot add the Office 365 account to Windows Mail. I can access it in Outlook, but the Mail app returns "Check your information and try again. You may have just mistyped your password".

To test this more, I tried setting up new accounts in the Windows Mail app on other computers and I get the same error. The funny thing is that I know the mail app works because all of my older installations of it (from before MFA was setup) can access the account. I am assuming that the MFA is what is causing the issue, but I don't know for sure.

Has anyone run into this? Is there a different way to configure an account in Windows Mail, or is there a way to copy my account information from one computer, where it works, to another where it doesn't?

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Hi @JimEngelmann-5629

According to your information above, I want to confirm does Outlook client on other computers work properly for your account configured MFA? Make sure you have followed steps in the official document: Set up multifactor authentication

Please note that our forum support for Exchange Online client and Outlook client, if your issue only occurs on windows mail app, this is beyond our support. Thanks for your understanding.

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