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Instrumentation Framework for App and Database server metrics

Hi All,

I’m looking to build an instrumentation framework for couple of my ASP.Net Core applications (On premise). Currently not interested to go for commercial ones and exploring Microsoft.Extensions.Diagnostics.HealthChecks. Has anyone used this package ? Or any other suggestions to go for?

I wasn’t able to find a related tag for this post, so adding the post to azure-monitor


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@KamalPresnaBoopathy-0588 - Our sincere apologies for delay in getting back to this thread.

Checking in to see if have you already gone through the existing documentation on health check and have specific query as part of your implementation ? the scenario you called out is too broad to get an understanding where exactly you need help. So requesting you to give some additional information on your scenario so that we can help you accordingly.

Additional references on Health checks :

Looking forward to hear back from you.

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Thank you for your response. I'm currently looking to instrument a rest api, so that we can retreive
What api method is triggered?
CPU Usage for each api call?
How long the call take to run? etc.

IFor instance In VS 2019, Debug -> Performance profiler. Is there a option to run this profiler outside of Visual Studio or build these feature to API's


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