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Where is the exact documentation on how to use Push Notifications in UWP apps?


I searched various contents about push notification today.
I want to register my app in Microsoft Store and add Push Notification to that app. So, I went to the Product management - WNS/MPNS page of the app.

Below is what's on that page.

Push notifications
Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) and Microsoft Azure Mobile Apps
The Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) enables you to send toast, tile, badge, and raw updates from your own cloud service. Learn more

: Click Load more and you will see a page created in 2015. That page doesn't seem to help.

In order to manage your WNS configuration, you must be logged in with the Microsoft account that opened your Dev Center account. You are currently logged in with this account. If you have an existing WNS solution or to update your current client secret, visit the Live Services site.

: When I click on the "Live Services site" link, it comes up with an outdated page and says it's not usable. Then, the Azure portal will tell you to go to the App registrations page.

You can also use Microsoft Azure Mobile Apps to send push notifications, authenticate and manage app users, and store app data in the cloud.Sign in to your Microsoft Azure account or sign up now to add services to up to ten apps for free.

: When I click the "Microsoft Azure Mobile Apps" link I get a 404 - Page not found. The Sign in link also gives an error page.

So, I don't know which document to refer to to add a push notification service to a UWP app. Please provide the latest information.

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Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

There are two ways of publishing notifications in UWP apps.

First, if you want to push notifications from your own server then you will need to use the Windows Push Notification Services (WNS). I'm not sure what document that you are referring to but you could check this - Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) overview. It contains the full process of using WNS to push notifications.

Second, you could try to push notifications from the Partner Center directly. Please take a look at this document: Send notifications to your app's customers. This is the tutorial about how to configure your app and send notifications to your app from the Partner Center.

Thank you.

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The way to use Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) overview seems to be the way to use Azure Notification Hub service. In the past, I could send pushes without using this service, but now do I absolutely have to use the Azure Notification Hub service?

The information on the app details page in Partner Center ( seems to need to be updated.

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Well, the document mentioned what you need to do is to register your app in the Store dashboard, so you could get the Package SID and secret key as credentials for WNS. This is a necessary step. Using the Azure Notification Hub is one way of using the WNS. You could do it by yourself.

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When an app developer thinks of sending a Push Notification, they can only think of sending it automatically by specifying a target when an event occurs.
So, I guess I'll have to use Notification Hub in the end.

How to use this service seems to be possible through the link you provided.

Thanks for your help

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