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An error getting when i try to send a message to microsoft teams channel by using Graph API

Hi team,

I have created a console application in .NET core. I have installed Microsoft Graph into this application by using NuGet Packet manager. I got an error ("UnAuthorized") when I try to send a message to Microsoft teams channel . I mentioned by sample code below,

AzureGraphAuthConfig config = AzureGraphAuthConfig.ReadFromJsonFile("appsettings.json");
IConfidentialClientApplication confidentialClientApplication = ConfidentialClientApplicationBuilder

             ClientCredentialProvider authProvider = new ClientCredentialProvider(confidentialClientApplication);
             graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(authProvider);

             var chatMessage = new ChatMessage
                 Body = new ItemBody
                     Content = "Hello Team"

             var res = await graphClient.Teams[teamId].Channels[channelId].Messages.Request().AddAsync(chatMessage);

Getting an error When I execute this code. But working fine from Graph explorer.
Could you please suggest a proper solution for this?


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