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HDinsight cluster deletion failure


Currently, I am facing an issue in which my On-demand HDinsight cluster is not automatically deleted after the job execution and it is causing huge costs for me. I am looking for an automated process to delete the HDcluster if there is no job/process is running? Anybody knows is there any existing azure functions script or Azure runbook or another azure service that can be used to resolve this issue?


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I can see Azure document for creat and delete but can somebody know how this runbook can be modified to check any process/ job is running it?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @RinshadR-2100,

Apologize for the inconvenience caused.

This issue looks strange. For a deeper investigation and immediate assistance on this issue, if you have a support plan you may file a support ticket, else could you please do let us know.

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Thanks, Pradeep,

The MSFT support team is working on this issue, but from the discussion, I came to know it may take time. Currently am manually deleting these clusters but looking for an automated option.

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