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i use Azure Information Protection Unified Labeling Client, using Office 20XX Standard (Not supported for Protection) version: 2.9.116
Is it is possible to take over the sensitivity label, when we try to save an office document to an pdf document.
We have tried it several times but it didn't work. Therefore, we wanted to ask you if you have a solution for that problem?

Situation now:

If you classify an office document with the sensitivity label “Internal” and save it as PDF. If you open the PDF file, you won’t see any label there.

You have to rightclick on the document > classify and protect > and add a label.

Our expectation :

If you classify an office document with a sensitivity label and save it as PDF and open the PDF file > the sensitivity label should be visible on the PDF document. We want to prevent that the user needs to apply the classification more than one time.

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Hi, you have a lot of open questions. Can you respond and mark accepted answers before opening more? Thanks!

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Hi Yes, unfortunately none of them seem to be helping out for a fix ;-(

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Hi @JustinMicheal-7973

According to your description above, your issue is more related to Azure Information Protection, and our forum is for questions and feedback related to Exchange server. So I would remove the irrelevant tag and add the Azure Information Protection related tag. Hope your issue can be resolved soon. Thanks for your understanding!

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