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How to Calculate Percentage of each row element in ADF which uses Sum of all elements present in a particular column in mapping data flow Azure Data Factory ?

I need to calculate percentage of each row element, with respect to column total. I did aggregate transformation and found TOTAL of particular column but I am not able to used it derived column transformation to find percentage.
I tried to used Cache Lookup and dataflow parameter but it didn't work.

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Hello @Aniket-9810 and welcome to Microsoft Q&A.

Could you give a little more information on how the Cache Lookup did not work, and how the parameter did not work?

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When I used Parameter, I got Error:
DF-EXPR-010 at Derive 'DerivedColumn9'(Line 295/Col 46): Column 'GRAND_TOTAL' not found. The stream is either not connected or column is unavailable.

When I used Cache Lookup, I got Error:
No result available for stream 'sink1'

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