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I just built two new ADFS servers on 2016 using the WID database as our two old ones were giving us issues. This went really well, moved the primary from the older server to a new server, no issues.

Now I'm seeing the following show up in the logs of the two new servers:

The query notification dialog on conversation handle '{3EC7D52A-9514-EC11-8B7F-00505685271D}.' closed due to the following error: '<?xml version="1.0"?><Error xmlns=""><Code>-8494</Code><Description>You do not have permission to access the service &apos;IdentityServerNotificationsService&apos;.</Description></Error>'.

And the following log repeated periodically:

Starting up database 'AdfsArtifactStore'.

In the ADFS event logs, I see the following periodically as well:

An error occurred when communcating with the account store endpoint on server

Additional Data
%Exception Message:
See for more information.

Everything seems to be working fine though - except for my OTP MFA Identity Provider, which doesn't seem to work on the second ADFS server. (I have two load balanced WAPs, pointing to a load balancer that has the two new ADFS servers in it).

This was working perfectly fine on the two old servers though.

Any idea about the SQL error?

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Can you post the actual Event ID and event details? (right click on the event, then Copy > Copy Details as Text)

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