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WAF for protect onprem website - hosted- website

Good morning.
We have many websites hosted on different solutions currently protected by a physical web application firewall onpremise.
I would like to dispose this device to use the azure waf to protect all corporate websites and apps, is it possible to do this with the azure waf? i have try some tests but always fail with 502
Basically I did not understand how to rotate traffic first to the gateway app with waf policies and then to the website inserted in the backend pool.
Someone can explain to me the logic for example how to behave also at the dns and fqdn level?

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If you have connectivity between your on-premises environment and Azure via a VPN for example then it should be possible. Did you look through the documentation already?

You would need a DNS service like Azure DNS for FQDN so I would start with IP based endpoints in your backend pool.

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