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Store App State or Settings

Hi Friends,

I was wondering how is information stored in case while a end user is in the middle of a process and the application or server crashes. If there exists some example code regarding how the information is stored and retrieved? Thanks !!!

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Hi @RonaldRex-2335 ,

Could you tell us what's type of your project? C#?Or Webform?In general,a complete memory dump records all the contents of system memory when your computer stops unexpectedly.You could try to check the complete memory dump.More details,you could refer to below article:

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This is a line of business Database Driven app using javascript in the front end client and .Net framework APIs and SQL Server for the back end. Thanks !!!

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Hi @RonaldRex-2335 , In generally,applicaton state stores in the memory.Once your appcalication crashes,the data will lose.I have two need to store the data in the database. 2.You could generate the dump file to debug finds where the program went wrong.

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