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how to conect to AD when there is no trust between sharepoint and external active directory

Hi I am facing Below issue

We have SharePoint 2016 and used ADFS for single sign-on.

Our SharePoint servers are in private cloud.

When user login , it is successfully redirecting to ADFS and authenticated successfully.

However People picker currently not recognition any users , which is valid , to solve this issue we need to use LDACP , however there is no trust and connection between SharePoint AD and users AD, so currently LDACP is not useful , we can not use username and password in LDACP connection to connect outside AD, hence LDACP is not useful in this scenario.

SO how to resolve the users in people picker or when someone search in people picker i want to show valid users

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Hello @suyogmahindrakar-5014 ,

Please confirm the following points:

  • What is LDACP? Is LDAP?

  • Are users who can redirecting to ADFS and authenticated successfully belongs to SharePoint AD or Users AD (external domain) ?

Echo Du

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Hi @suyogmahindrakar-5014 ,

Can you tell me the details of the issue you faced?
If you can, please attach screenshots.

Echo Du

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