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App service Slot received 40% request after swap

My web application in Azure has two deployment slots - staging and production.

The purpose is perform blue/green deployment and the following steps perform the blue/green:

  1. start and deploy to slot stage

  2. set 100% traffic to stage

  3. swap with production

  4. stop stage

When I perform a slot swap from staging into production and view the application insights the requests are still going to stage, and "Testing in Production" from Availability and Performance tools, give the following message "Slot 'staging' received 40% of production traffic". The stage continued for 45 minutes receiving traffic even with production configured 100% traffic.

but i don't know the cause.

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Thanks for reaching here! Could you please configure ‘Failed request tracing’ to validate from the application side that the requests are truly not being routed to the Web App in the Staging slot:

Also check if routing Production traffic to the Staging slot been configured either automatically from the Deployment slot blade or manually by adding the ‘x-ms-routing-name’ query parameter in the code?

You may Refer this document link: might be helpful.

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Sorry about the delay,
I don't know why, but even production marking 100% traffic he was sending 40% for staging, since it is a stateless api.
So after the swap I had to force an "az webapp traffic-routing clear" in the pipeline and then it didn't happen anymore.

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