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Sign out web view not closing automattically on React Native Authentication with Azure AD

I have a react native app that uses the react-native-azure-auth library for B2B and B2C authentication on Azure AD. The MFA sign in works as expected but after the successful logout , the web view saying you have successfully signed out remains open and does not go back to the mobile app. It needs to be manually closed by the user to go back to the mobile app. This happens for only for the B2B sign-in. using B2C on the same library automatically closes the sign out web view/window.

I also checked out the other libraries similar to it but either they need to revoke access or id tokens for logging out which is not applicable in AAD or they are explicitly for B2C only. I have also tried if its possible to forcibly close the webview/window or put the mobile app in foreground but so far I am not successful.

This has been raised with the library contributors and I got a response that this is more of a Microsoft behavior.

Is there a work around for this ? or is this an actual issue?

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