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My OneDrive

My Documents file suddenly changed and synced like onedrive.

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Hi @NguyenAnhDuy-7708,
Welcome to Q&A forum!
According to your description, I would like to confirm the following information with you at your convenience, so that we can analyze this issue better.

  • What do you mean the "synced like onedrive"? Have you installed and used OneDrive?
    If yes, are you using OneDrive for Persoanl or OneDrive for Business?

  • Where did you save the document file? Local or OneDrive?

  • The content of the file has changed? Or the storage path of the file changed?

Please share some screenshots and more details with us.
Thanks for your understanding!

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Hi @NguyenAnhDuy-7708,
I am checking this thread, please feel free to post back any updates.

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