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Email Scenario

As per my analysis describe below scenario for email outlook implementation.

Suppose I sent an inquiry mail to the customer, that inquiry customer opened, he sent me a return mail, on the basis of the inquiry that is happening in the conversation.
This conversation we are having, how can we get this uniquely base in inquiry .

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Hi @DigvijaysinhZala-6288 ,

Welcome to our forum!

For our better research, please provide the following relevant information:

  • Is your issue based on Outlook Web mail or Outlook client? If it is on Outlook client, what's the version of your Outlook? (File > Office Account > About Outlook). Please make sure you have upgraded your Outlook to the latest version.

  • What do you mean by "an inquiry mail" ? Is it the poll inserted in Outlook as shown in the figure below, or an inquiry attachment, or an inquiry generated by a third-party add-in, or something else?

  • And what do you mean by "this unique base in inquiry"?

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