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Email Scenario

As per my analysis describe below scenario for email outlook implementation.

Suppose I sent an inquiry mail to the customer, that inquiry customer opened, he sent me a return mail, on the basis of the inquiry that is happening in the conversation.
This conversation we are having, how can we get this uniquely base in inquiry .

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Hi @DigvijaysinhZala-6288 ,

Welcome to our forum!

For our better research, please provide the following relevant information:

  • Is your issue based on Outlook Web mail or Outlook client? If it is on Outlook client, what's the version of your Outlook? (File > Office Account > About Outlook). Please make sure you have upgraded your Outlook to the latest version.

  • What do you mean by "an inquiry mail" ? Is it the poll inserted in Outlook as shown in the figure below, or an inquiry attachment, or an inquiry generated by a third-party add-in, or something else?

  • And what do you mean by "this unique base in inquiry"?

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Hi @DigvijaysinhZala-6288 ,

How are you doing with this issue? Is there anything you would like to update? Thanks!

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here is my actual issue see below URL and close this ticket.

please if help me and find out solution what we missing in implementation or any permission lever issue

thanks for supporting!

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