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Started to receive 429 errors when posting data from Azure Logic App to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Hi all,

We have developed a custom logic app that creates records in D365 Finance and Operations on request. The logic app has been working fine since deployment in in July 2021; however, from yesterday, we have begun to receive many 429 errors when attempting to post data to D365 Finance and Operations:


We have read the link provided and checked the metrics, but the values of ‘Trigger throttled events’ and ‘Action throttled events’ have been stable for the logic app over the past 30 days, indicating that the throttling is likely coming from the connector or D365 system itself:


The documentation link provided also does not provide any information as to why this would happen when the deployment has been stable for a long time previously. Could there be any possible reasons why this issue can suddenly occur and recur frequently over the span of ~24hours, and what are the possible means we could take to rule each scenario out? Thanks!

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@JunTingHo-0477 Can you please confirm if you are using the same connection for all the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations in same/different logic apps. In case if there are mutiple operation that you are performing or running parallelly then you could observe 429 error from the connector. The suggestion would to create multiple connections and distribute them through the app.

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Hi @MayankBargali-MSFT,

I'm @JunTingHo-0477's teammate, and I have checked through all the logic apps we have across 4 different resource groups in our subscription. I've found some logic apps sharing a connection with the logic app throwing the 429 error and have changed the connections accordingly as based on your previous response, I'm suspecting that the workload for another logic app has ramped up and affected this logic app in question.

I will monitor, but in any case, are there any other likely reasons why this error would show up suddenly?

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@MariaLee-4338 Thanks for your response and sure feel free to get back to me. Individual connectors have their own throttling limit. For dynamicsax the limit is 200 calls API call per connection for renewal period of 60 second as mentioned here. As per the error message you are hitting this limit as you have used the same connection for mutiple logic app.

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Thanks @MayankBargali-MSFT! I've changed all the connections now, except for that one Logic App. However, I am still getting 429 errors as per the image I've attached.
Could I know if in such a case, is the throttling still due to the connection, or would it now be due to D365 end? I am thinking of creating a brand new connection for this logic app but am not sure if it will solve the problem:


Thanks so much!

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