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Data Source is not getting updated in Azure analysis Service Tabular model

I am trying to change the connection of the data source from Dev to Test SQL Server in AAS Tabular model.
Even after entering and pressing ok, the new database parameters are not getting updated in AAS Tabular model.
Could you pls help?

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Hello @MajumderManish-0895 ,
Thanks for the ask and using Microsoft Q&A platform .

Just curious as to where are you updating the data sources ? If you are doing from CVS , we will have to update the *.bim file and that shoul help .

Please do let me know how it goes .

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I am trying to change data source in the AAS in order to point to Pre Prod DB and publish in AAS

Steps followed ;

  1.  Copied the entire repository of the AAS model in to another folder
  2.  Opened the model in the AAS , created a new data source connection then opened the model. Dim code and changed the data source connection with new data source details and saved. Deleted the earlier data source and resaved the model.
  3.  Reopened the model and tried to process data and it is throwing error for the tables. Below is an error for one such table.

Failed to save modifications to the server. Error returned: 'Expression in partition 'Partition' in table 'BP Targets' references unknown variable or function 'SQL/;shell-01-eun-sqdb-'.

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Hello @MajumderManish-0895 ,
Are you still facing the issue , my apoloziges for the late response on my side .

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