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OneDrive file link open issue with windows File Explorer/Picker

Hi, I am working with office-js add-in with taskpane app. In my application we are using file picker by following code.

<input type='file' accept='.csv, .xls'/>

The problem is that I am unable to read the file from OneDrive shared link. Please check the following screenshot to show the process that how I am doing this.



After click open I just read the file using JavaScript file read techniques. following screenshot will describe that what kind of data we are getting.


In general case of file selection we are getting binary data but here I am getting html data.

Please help me to figure it out, what is the correct way to handle the OneDrive shared file link with window's file picker.

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I believe those share links are only intended to be opened in a browser. Are you able to create a network share folder for that file?

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