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Is there any selenium edge browser options to remove local user account data shown edge browser in automation testing

When I try to perform automated login using edge chromium browser in selenium , by default the edge chromium browser takes the logged user data in edge browser, Is there any browser options or capabilities that would disable user data when running selenium tests in edge chromium browser132360-edgeautologinuserdata.png

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Do you launch Edge browser with specific profile in Selenium? By default, if we use Selenium WebDriver to automate Edge without any arguments, it will create a new profile every time instead of using the existing user data profile.

I think you might launch Edge with specific profile, so the account information stored in the profile shows. Could you please provide the code sample you use to automate Edge so that we can have a test and see how to help?

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Hi @YuZhou-MSFT
If I didn't specify any profile in the browser option arguments when lauching the browser it shows all the accounts that's been linked with windows and If I specify edge browser with a profile 1 it takes the user data and skips the login, what I need is not to show any accounts linked with windows when trying to login using edge chromium browser for automated tests, adding --incognito works and doesn't shows any account been linked , but why it shows only for edge chromium browser on normal mode whereas on chrome it doesn't shows the linked accounts when running automated tests.

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Have you ever used the accounts to login in Chrome?
I think the accounts show in Edge maybe because you used the accounts before in Edge browser to login. And the accounts are stored in Edge browser. You can try to clear Edge browser data and test again. Or you can try to add a new empty profile in Edge and test with that profile.
If the above methods don't work, I think you can only use --incognito as there's no other option in Selenium which can remove the accounts information.

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