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Cant see outlook as trigger for Logic App Workflow

New to logic Apps, but experienced with Powerapps/Power Automate.
I'm trying to create a logic app because im expecting a significantly high number of daily API calls and Logic Apps uses azure subscription which is cheaper than the Power Automate Plan. (I will exceed 5,000 daily API calls)

But I have struggled to begin creating a Logic App.


Above is the Logic App Resource. I click on Workflows on the left. (highlighted)


I select my workflow1


okay cool looking more familiar to power automate now. from here I expect to find my outlook trigger, but when I search outlook, or even office 365, I end up with 0 results.


but, If i pick a whateverrandom trigger, I can find outlook as actions....

super confused.

the azure subscription I have is the pay as you go, extremely base-level plan, , still has the $200 credit for creating a new account.
I have created the blob storage resource, too, so i do have the appropriate connection string (I think?)


any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @EmployBridgeEnterpriseAutomation-6137 ,

Welcome to our forum!

Looks like your issue is related to Azure logic app, please kindly understand that the Outlook tag here we mainly focus on general issues about Outlook desktop client and we will remove "office-outlook-itpro" tag.

Thanks for your understanding and hope your issue would be resolved soon.

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@EmployBridgeEnterpriseAutomation-6137 As per your last screenshoot you have selection Actions option and not Triggers option. You need to navigate to Triggers option. As you have already created the Request trigger and when you add the new action it will show you the Actions tab but you can click on Triggers to view the triggers.
You can refer to Outlook connector document for the avaiable triggers.


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the last image is simply expression the extent of my confusion.
The second to last screenshot is an accurate representation of my issue. Notice I have searched the TRIGGERS for for 'office 365' and nothing has appeared. If i search trigger for Outlook, nothing appears either.

The first time i tried, i had absolutely 0 triggers or actions available in my logic app. I had to go back and create a blob storage resource first, and then re-create my logic app with the blob storage resource connection string, and then i was able to get a limited set of triggers

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@EmployBridgeEnterpriseAutomation-6137 Thanks for your response. In your second last screenshot I see that you have search for office 365 for but it only shows Build-in connectors option. As I don't see Azure option so it looks like you have created the stateless workflow. Outlook connector are not avaiable as Build-in option but avaiable as Azure option (managed connectors).
You cannot select azure trigger for sateless workflow as mentioned here. To learn more about different connector categories please refer to this document.

Stateless workflows currently support only actions for managed connectors, which are deployed in Azure, and not triggers. Although you have the option to enable connectors in Azure for your stateless workflow, the designer doesn't show any managed connector triggers for you to select.

Hope the above clears things up. Please let me know if you have any queries or concerns.

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