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ADFS error after integrated with Exchange server


Do you know why when signin the Exchange server OWA from a domain joined (intranet) device via new Edge/Chrome it shows error as below


But it works fine if I changed to an old edge browser. In the new Edge or Chrome, when I enter the local Exchange oWA link, it will automatically go to ADFS auth page, however, after I entered username and password to auth ADFS, it shows the error, it goes the same process in old edge broswer, but it works fine, do you know why?

By the way, the same error shows from the ADFS event log.
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Hi @HybriAdmin-1377 ,

Thanks for asking questions in Q&A forum, welcome!

Please kindly understand we usually discuss about Exchange server general questions in the tag office-exchange-server-administration, and for your question, I think you should first check if the newest version Edge or Chrome browsers could support the OWA or not:

If that's not the case, then I think it is more related to ADFS itself.

Best regards,

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