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Can MIM create mailboxes directly to Exchange online without having a local /onprem exchange server?

I'm exploring on getting away from having exchange on premises. Is it possible for MIM to directly create mailboxes to exchange online. Looking at the article below, it shows a couple of options to connect O365 and to SMTP.

With those options, is an onprem exchange server still needed?

Thank you in advanced.

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Hi @IAMUser-9916

I suppose instead of MIM, you may also use Azure AD Connect to sync your on-premises AD accounts with Azure AD, then assign O365 licenses to the accounts to enable mailboxes for them.
However, it is more recommended to have an on-premises Exchange server and set a hybrid deployment for management purposes.
For mote information,please refer to this link: How and when to decommission your on-premises Exchange servers in a hybrid deployment

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Hi @IAMUser-9916

Just checking in to see if above information was helpful.

Did the issue get resolved?

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Hi @IAMUser-9916,
Welcome to Q&A forum!
Since the tag office-online-server-exchange focuses on general issues about integrating Office Online Server with Exchange Server. I will remove it and add a tag more related to your issue.
Hope you can get a reply as soon as possible.

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