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Intune App Protection - How to use Graph SDK to update targetedAppManagementLevels in Intune App Portal


I wanted to update this specific part in Intune App Portal via Graph SDK (which was marked out in image)

Whenever I fetch the data (App protection policy) via Graph SDK, I could see the object AndroidManagedAppProtection
Which contains most of the settings seen in that Intune app policy page

But a few settings like these

Doesn't have a specific object, hence it is coming under AdditionalDataManager under AndroidManagedAppProtection object

While posting the data from our application we need some object to set this data (targetedAppManagementLevels)
We cannot set the data in AdditionalDataManager because it is transient object hence not serializable

Am I missing anything here or how we send those data which comes under AdditionalDataManager

Around 47 settings coming under this AdditionalDataManager


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